Monday, 10 November 2014

Rock Solid Circle in a Square

Well, this might have been done before, very little in crochet is new. But this is my take on it, and I'm happy with that. I figured that once I had done my solid square, this really was the next step, so I sat down one afternoon and fiddled and it came much easier than the original square did. ;)
I have some ideas for making ones in different sizes down the track, but for now you get this six inch square. xoxo

Rock Solid Circle in a Square 

I used a general 8ply Acrylic Yarn (Panda Carnival 100% Acrylic) and a 4mm hook.

This is written in US terms.
Sp – space
Ch – chain
DC – double crochet
TR – treble or triple crochet


I’m writing this as a basic pattern. I've used “chain 3” as the start of the first round and thereafter a
standing DC, they all count as a DC; however, you can use whatever starting method tickles your
fancy. You can make this in one continual piece, or you can tie it off each row. Just have fun with it.

Round 1:
Make a magic circle (tutorial here: )
Ch 3, DC 11 into the magic circle. Join and tie off. (12)

Round 2:
Ch 3, DC in same stitch. 2DC in each stitch around. Join and tie off. (24)

Round 3:
Ch 3, DC in same space, (1DC, 2DC) x 11. DC in last stitch, join and tie off. (36)
Converting to a square:
Choose any stitch to begin. Ch3. In next stitch work *(1DC, 2TR, 1DC), 1DC, 2HDC, 2SC, 2HDC, 1DC**
from * to ** forms one side. Repeat twice more. Repeat once more BUT leave off the last 1DC as
this is the ch3 from the beginning of the round. Join and tie off. (48).

If you want the square larger, please go to round 4 of my square pattern found here:
Rock Solid Granny Square

Please note, the stitch counts DO NOT match between the two styles. The Rock Solid Circle in a
Square has 8 stitches between the corner stitches in the outer row – which is roughly equivalent to
row 3 in the Rock Solid Granny Square which has 7 stitches between the corner stitches.
So row 4 in the Rock Solid Circle in a Square will have 11 stitches in-between, Row 5 will have 14
stitches in-between and Row 6 will have 17 stitches.
Regardless of the slight difference, the patterns are worked in the same style; you will just add one
more stitch in the middle of the row between the corner sections. You still flip your work over in
Row 5.

I hope you enjoy this and I can't wait to see what you make.

Happy Hooking

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