Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Exciting beginnings...

This last week has been huge for me, not just in terms of my family life (hubby is overseas at the moment) but for making new friends and for starting new things. As of today, I finally have a logo for my Facebook page, thanks to the talented Chris Cromwell of Cromwell Creativity .

Ta-daaaaaaaaaah! LOL

I just love it to bits, I can't believe how simple it is and how "me" as well. He's absolutely nailed it. So, GK I am from now on. :P

I've also set up a Pinterest Page so that the images I share on both here and facebook will be more easily browsed. I've had to go and look up a few older images this week to help out others, and the page is starting to compress and archive posts, and I want all that yarn yumminess available to as many of you as possible for as long as possible. So I've started adding new posts there, and I will gradually go back and add the older ones. This will be a process, because it's not possible (or so Facebook keeps telling me) to Pin directly from Facebook, so I will need to go to the post and open the link and pin from there where possible.
The board is on my personal account, but it will only hold the GK Pins, and you can find it here:

Get Knotted Yarn Craft On Pinterest

Now for the real exciting stuff!!!
I've been invited to participate in a new movement called "Creative Pencil". This is "a podcast about creativity designed for entrepreneurial artists, musicians, writers, and photographers. Basically, anyone who makes things"

So, maybe a new word for some of you. A podcast is a sound recording that is stored online, much like a you-tube video but with only the sound. The interviews take place over Skype, and there is video footage, but the emphasis for now will be on the Podcast.  Interviews will be available on iTunes and there will also be an Android version. Down the track there may also be a You-Tube channel.

So what are they are about? Creative Pencil will be a resource center, where you can go and find out how other people got to where you want to go, how they grew their business, or developed their artistry, what motivates them and moves them and inspires them, and where they want to go in the future. It's where you can get to know people that you admire (no, I'm not including me, I'm not that arrogant lol - although it may amuse you to listen to me :P ) and find common links and dreams. It's where we can come together and network and ask questions and find out stuff and help each other and grow together!

I am REALLY excited to be a part of this. I had my interview on Monday, and I can tell you, I'm glad I was sitting down. You can't see it, but I had a crochet ball in one hand, and a piece of crochet in the other, and I just squeezed them alternatively with all my might. Giggle. It's hard putting yourself out there at times, but if I can help just ONE person, then every second was worth it. ;)

Chris is an amazing person with a lot of energy and enthusiasm for this project. He has invested a lot of himself in it to get it up off the ground. Right now he's busy interviewing people, editing footage, and establishing a Facebook page to get the ball rolling. I have given you the link to it up the top. Our first goal is to get that page up to 1000 likes by the 24th of November, so I encourage you all to stop by and check it out, say hello from Get Knotted Yarn Craft Blog so that he knows who sent you (I don't get any kick backs for this, it is just helping him to understand where the flow of the page comes from). 

If you REALLY want to help - then there is a t-shirt that is for sale. It gets the word out there right? LOL.
You can find the t-shirt, hoodie, tank top and ladies fitted tee here:

Creative Pencil Apparel

Whatever you do, go and check it out, and remember to keep coming back. Creative pencil is going to be a fabulous space for creative people to grow together. We encourage you to come and journey with us!

Here's to lots of new beginnings.

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