Wednesday, 13 July 2016


Have you ever had a dream come true? How about, two, or three, or four? How about two at once? For all the reality of it around me, I'm sitting here in a state of wonder and awe, and more than a little fear. How blessed can you get? When does the bubble pop?

Ok, ok, I'm babbling, but it's a happy thing. Just over two weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, our third child (I have two beautiful boys too). Three miracle children that we were told we would never have without a lot of help from IVF - and yet here they are without that help. So, there are three dreams that came true right there. Hubby is a fourth. In December this year we will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We started "dating" at 15 and we never looked back. I know EXACTLY how fortunate I am.

Now I have another dream starting to come true and I cannot believe it. The start of my "design career". I have signed an agreement with Stylecraft Yarns to become an official blogger for them - part of their "Blogstars" group and I'm now even listed on their blog site - Stylecraft Blogstars I'm SO excited.

On the weekend the other members of the Blogstars group and the fabulous staff at Stylecraft had their inaugural get together to discuss future directions, preview new yarn, and to get to know one another. Being on the other side of the planet and having just given birth, oddly enough I wasn't able to attend, but thanks to their fabulous blogging about their experiences it feels like I did. I think, however, that if I could have been there I would have been in a permanent state of shock and awe. These ladies are my crochet heroes! I would have been too star-struck to say a word! (For someone who can talk underwater with a mouthful of marbles, that's quite a feat! Lol.)

From Left to Right we have -
Back Row: Sandra Paul (Cherry Heart), Julia Marsh (Hand Knitted Things), Helen Kurtz (The Knitting Exploits of Josie Kitten), and Sarah Shrimpton (Annaboos House)

Front Row: Kathryn Senior (Crafternoon Treats), Heather Leal (The Patchwork Heart), Phil Saul (The Twisted Yarn), Lucy (Attic24), and Sue Pinner (Shropshire Scrapper Suz).
Missing from the get together: Jane Crowfoot (Janie Crow), Emma Varnam (Emma Varnam) and Me!

Most of these ladies I have followed for some time, but there are some new names there for me too. Such talent, such usage of colour and shape and imagination.... I'M STAR STRUCK!

If you read their fabulous posts about their weekend experience I know you will get excited too. An upcoming CAL, a new range of yarn, giveaways and new patterns... oh my! These ladies are not only #Clevercrafters, but they're also #Cleverteachers - they'll bring us along in their yarny journies. I cannot wait to see what they come up with next. 

In that vein, and maybe a bit vain lol, keep an eye out here too. I'm working on a new FREE design using the Stylecraft Cabaret in the Sunset colourway, it's in testing and I need to get some decent photos. Following this there will be a second pattern that uses the first as a starting point. I've also got some other ideas for a swag of yarn that Stylecraft sent to me to play with. 

All this is happening as I feed my daughter every few hours, teach her to self settle, help my eldest with his homework and my middle child with his speech.... It's all happening here for us just now, so many dreams coming true....

I hope all your dreams come true too!
Happy Hooking