Friday, 12 September 2014

My top twenty favourite shawls from Ravelry

I'm a huge fan of Ravelry, and all my patterns can be found there. I love the database, I love the search options, I love the fact that you can investigate yarn, and designers. I love the forums and I love the dedication of the fans (check out the huge number of volunteer editors and forum moderators). I love it's flexibilty, but most of all, I love the massive amount of patterns listed there.

So, today I'm doing a round up of 20 shawl patterns that just stopped me in my tracks. 

All Shawl:
This shawl is a long garment shawl and Doris Chan is a stunning designer. The edging on this shawl is what gives it an amazing finish and lifts the garment to a new height. Don’t miss checking out her Blue Curacao shawl as well.
Flying Wingspan Shawl:
Anyone who knows me, knows I love dragonflies. When I first saw this shawl my jaw just hit the floor, and even now looking at it I just want to make about twenty of them! This is a spectacular and clever design  that can be worn as a wrap or elongated for a full, cosy and one of a kind design. A must have for anyone wanting to lead the way in unique couture.

Cosmos Fields Shawl:
I love the usage of colour in this you have plenty of opportunity to make it vibrant or serene, and it’s a solid wrap so incredibly cozy. While this has a lovely solid finish edge to it, I could also see it comfortably worked up with a fringe – now doesn’t that take you back down memory lane? Cozy and elegant, I can see this going for picnics and long walks holding hands. A beautiful design from a lovely colourful designer.

Dahlia Shawl:
This lovely design is in a class of its own. I can almost hear tapping heels and castanets in the background. This would work up lovely in cream for a bridal accessory, or for mother of the bride, and is delicate and lacy beyond words. A truly gorgeous shawl with an edging just as spectacular.

 Dixie Charm Shawl:
This is a sweet and summery shawl that adds grace and elegance to an outfit. It’s a full length wrap shawl. In solid colour it’s really stunning, and I think it goes well with casual clothing as well as formal ones. With the length, it also loans itself to being tied on, which can be handy if you have your hands full with little ones.
Proud as a Peacock:
And wouldn’t you be too if you had designed this? Truly, I had difficulty picking between all of the lovely shawls designed by the very talented Lily Go.  It was the colour of this one that initially caught my eye, but it was followed a second later by the magnificent design. Go is an artisan that is beyond compare when it comes to shawls. The Peacock is flexible in size and shape and the pattern is written and charted. This was an easy pick for my top twenty.

Festival shawl:
It is truly amazing the difference that colour choices can make, especially when a variegated yarn is chosen. This is a shawl that works really well either way, and I love how it seems to be a celebration of all that crochet is!

Half Granny Square Shawl:
If you’re a beginner and want to make a shawl, but are put off by the complexity of many, then this is the shawl for you. Because of the ease of the pattern, it’s flexible, allowing you to mould it to any size and length you want.
For those with more experience, this shawl should be a quick make for a last minute gift, a great stash-buster project or the ideal project for a charity or fete.

Jenny’s Faith:
This is the kind of shawl that makes people take a breath when they see it, especially if they crochet themselves! It’s lacy and delicate and yet solid enough to provide good warmth. As if the shawl isn’t lovely enough, the border is spectacular as well. This shawl is truly a work of art and a gift that would be easily appreciated by any friend.

Multiplicity Shawl:
This is one of my absolute favourites!  Wow, what a shawl. I love how you can wear it in so many ways, it’s cute and flexible and very stylish. How utterly clever and what a fabulous thing to make.  I don’t need to say anything about this one, it speaks for itself.

Muscari Shawl:
This is indeed a simple and feminine shawl and who could resist it’s charm? A solid capelet to start with extending down to a beautiful lacy finish, it would be at home on the shoulders of any generation. A classic piece that could easily become an heirloom garment.
Desperately Seeking Shallow SC Crescent:
There must be a fascinating story behind the name of this one somewhere. I love a good crescent shawl, I’ve made a few myself, and this is hot on my list for another. This is a centre start shawl so no long foundation chains for this one, and it’s wide enough that you can throw an end over your shoulder and it will stay there! It should also be long enough to tie around your waist.

Sunday Shawl:
This is a great wrap around shawl and a pattern that is flexible in its colour usage. Tone it down in colour for an evening gown look, or ramp it up with lots of bright beautiful shades. Whichever way you go, this shawl will do the right thing by you. A real snugly wraparound that will keep you warm any night of the week.

Oswin Shawl:
This shawl is worked from one end to the other, rather than from top to bottom, and because of this, the use of self striping yarn can have a truly stunning effect. This lightweight and lacy shawl adds a touch of elegance to whatever outfit it is teamed up with. It is equally spectacular in solid colour.

Ripple Effect Shawl:
This fabulous design was actually an entry in Design Wars this year where designers had to make something with a bit of swank and this shawl certainly delivers. I have this pattern and I have the perfect yarn for it, all I need now is the time to hook it up! Sassy and bold and deliciously divine, this will send ripples through the crowd when you turn up wrapped in this beautiful creation.

Seems Like Old Times Shawl:
This shawl is the kind of thing that you think of when people say shawl – long, large and elegant, it is a lovely garment that would be fitting in any period movie. However, don’t let that fool you. Give it some modern colour and you come up with a suave and stylish garment that would be fit for any red carpet event.

Gosh, the more often I see this, the greater my desire to make one! This spectacular shawl is wonderful worked up in solids or in self striping yarn. There is a link to an authorised English translation in the notes of the pattern page, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular around the world.

Sidewalk Shawl:
This is a pineapple sized pinapple shawl and don’t be deceived by the name. This would equally grace your great-grandmother or your great-granddaughter – it’s a classic piece and will not pass as a phase or fad. Dress it down with some jeans, or put it around an evening gown, either way, it’s as home in you as you are in it.

Sweet Pea Shawl:
This one I can see done in pastels for a teenager, or done in metallic tones for a “more mature” lady. Sweet and almost shy seeming, this shawl is light and lacy and just the right garment to add a little sophistication to your day or night.

Be a friend shawl/ Have a heart shawl/ Valentine Shawl:
Whatever you want to call it, it’s fabulous – the shawl of many names! Who wouldn’t consider you a friend if you gave this lovely giant to them? This is a shawl to wrap up on a chilly night, to fling around a friend when you’re out and they are cold, and to wrap around your kids at half time at sporting events ;) . Generous in size, and generous in the love that shines through it.


  1. Hello, Do you have the pattern Jenny's Faith shawl? It is not available from the link. I love it. I would like to make it for a bereaved mother. thanks.

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