Wednesday, 4 May 2016

May the fourth be with you! - Top Ten Star Wars Patterns

Hello everyone, it's the fourth of May today - Star Wars Day! What, you say? Say it aloud - May the fourth be with you. Giggle.
How could I not post about one of my favourite cinema sagas? So, today I've rounded up my ten favourite Star Wars patterns on Ravelry.

1. Well, we just have to start with a cuteness factor! This sweet wee scoodie by "Smushed Squirrel" is free in both baby and adult sizes. Soooo cute!

You can find the baby pattern here:
and the adult one here:

2. For seriously awesome Star Wars loving, you can't go past Courtney Laube of Spin a Yarn 32 and her amazing blanket. Another fabulous FREE pattern. Head over here for your copy:

3. For a bit of lighthearted fun these Lightsaber Cozy's are a great idea. Fast and easy gift to make, and bound to be appreciated by anyone who's ever had an uncomfortable moment while eating an Ice Block. The pattern is in three different sizes to accomodate different aged hands (great thinking)

and you can find the pattern here:

4. If you want to express your dark side a little, then how about this fabulous Tusken Raider hat! What a beauty - guaranteed to scare the local bully at thirty paces I think. ;)
And you can get your FREE copy here:

5. & 6. The next two patterns are from Nancy J of DefectiveGeeks. So very clever and richly done too.

Whether the Queen catches your eye, or the AT AT takes your fancy, both of these are a must have in any collection!
You can find Queen Amidala here:
and the AT AT walker here:

7. The list is filling fast, and really, there are so many fabulous patterns for Star Wars fans out there. I like this one because not many people think of characters other than the main protagonists, and I love the amount of detail in him. This is Blizz the Jawa by MostlyNerdyCrochet, and he's just fabulous.

You can pick up your FREE copy of his pattern right here:

8. When I saw the name of this site, I laughed so much I snorted! R2D2 by Let's All Get Knitfaced is fabulous. How can you have a Star Wars collection without one of the quiet heroes?

You can find out how to make him right here:

9. I've yet to see the latest Star Wars movie (NO! Don't tell me what happens, lol), but there are lots of patterns out there for this wee guy, so he seems to be rather a hit! 

Head over here and start on your FREE copy today:

10. Finally, last but not least - I've saved the most comprehensive one of all. Unlike the others this is a PAID pattern, but I truly believe it's worth the money.
A collection of 12 patterns, this book is available on . If you want to have a great collection, then this is the place to go. ;)

Happy Hooking, and May the Fourth be with you!!

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