Friday, 19 September 2014

Here be Pirate Treasure!

Aaaaaaaar! Don't ye be knowin it's International Talk Like A Pirate Day? Well, it be so! Here be some pirate booty that be bound to get your hooked hands a'working hard!

Booty be a mixture of free, paid, knit and crochet designs, and ye better be paying attention or ye may just lose yer head! ;)

There be no particular order....

1. There be only one "Captain Jack", but if yer be hankering after one of yer own, then this be the pattern fer ye

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
It be not only important to talk like a pirate, but to attire yerself in the correct manner as well. Here be two patterns to be assisting yer younger crew members

7. If it do be a crew ye be after, then ye may be able to "aquire" them here:

8. It be important to make sure all is ship shape, so ye be best to find yer pennants here so ye can hoist the colours!:

9. 10.
 When parley is afoot, then ye be needin' a sober head. For sobriety, tea swillin' be the cup of the day, and ye can be a'keeping yer tea hot with these fine lasses - best be warned though, they be sisters but not identical. One be the daughter of Captain Knit, an t'other be the daughter of Captain Crochet!

They do be having a cousin who be after keeping yer mug warm

11. Tis a sad thing to need a hook in place of hand, and protectin' what's yours is a good thing indeed. Protect your mitts with this mitt!

12. 13.
The ocean do be a heartless mistress to be settin' a pirate to shivverin'! To be fightin' off her icy touch, here be a scurvy design or two to warm the cockles of yer heart:

14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 
The ocean do be filled with strange and mysterious creatures. Bears that do be talkin' and pirates with multiple arms. If they be the crew ye be after, then ye can find them here:


19. There do be indeed some scurvey pirates sailing the seas, and ye would be remiss to ignore this one

20. A pirate do be indeed taking whatever comfort he or she can, and this pirate be no exception. To be sure this pirate do be the be all and end all of pirate cheer!

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