Friday, 12 September 2014

I fell into a CAL!

Those of you who know me from The Creative Crochet Crew on Facebook, will know that I'm the ultimate temptress, although I prefer to think of myself as encourager and enabler. ;)

Well, for once I've been bitten by my own bug. I posted the link to Wink's new CAL on the group page, and on my Facebook page Get Knotted Yarn Craft and thought it was great that I could get word out there, because I really admire Marinke. Except people kept signing up, many were my friends, and I kept getting all of these comments and notifications and they started to work their magic.

I thought I would at least check out the pricing to participate from Australia using the kit from Deramores. I added it to my cart, and started clicking and filling in details, the whole time intending to cancel because I just wasn't sure that I had the time, or the finances to commit at the moment. The left hand side of the PayPal page kept displaying a message that said I would be informed of the total before payment, and thinking it was like Ravelry, I kept clicking - until I got to a receipt, without ever finding out the quantity in Australian Dollars. Whoops!

So, I guess I'm in. I'll just have to work very hard at clearing my desk, and maybe make some items to sell to cover the cost of the yarn (33 pounds, but with conversion rates and bank fees, I'm expecting it to be closer to $70AU - although for 26 balls of cotton yarn, that's not too bad! I had a coupon back from when I first signed up with Deramores, and as this is my first order with them, I got 15% off, which turned out to be 5 cents more than the shipping cost. LOL!)

I have to admit, although I'm swamped with makes for family and friends for Christmas, and one current order, I'm pretty excited about this. I just need to hook my wee fingers off to earn/justify it. I think it will be a huge amount of fun, and it will be nice to be in a CAL for once that I'm not leading. :P

Have a great crochet day!

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  1. Awesome! I ordered the yarn package, too, and hope it will be here in time. Deramores said it will be backordered. 14-21 days.