Sunday, 24 September 2017

Book Review - Cute Crocheted Animals by Emma Varnam

Emma Varnam is one of the sweetest people I have met in the design world. Recently I was able to help her with a little matter and the next thing I know, she sent me a signed copy of her book as thanks! How generous is that? So, I have decided to review it, because this book is a treasure trove of talent and fun and you should have a copy.

Emma and her book

The first thing that you will notice about this book is the photography. The colours are beautiful and they make you just want to flip through the book again and again for the pictures alone. The book is well thought out in terms of layout and content. The index is clear and concise, so you can either bliss your way gradually through the whole book, or you can jump right to where you need to go to get started.

The photography is spectacular
The contents page is well laid out

This book isn't just a generic make the body and change the ears type of book. Each character is lovingly described in terms of structure and accessories. The faces aren't all the same and there are little touches everywhere that show not only attention to detail, but a desire to produce the ultimate complete item, rather than having to look elsewhere for embellishments. There is a whole cast and crew of animals to make, and each one of them are gorgeous. My two little boys have requested just about every animal in the book, and I'm glad that my daughter can't say much beyond Mumumumum. LOL. Believe me, we'll end up with the whole menagerie and an entire wardrobe of clothes!

The attention to detail is phenomenal

When it comes to the wardrobe, again Emma has not stinted in effort. It's not just a generic dress and coat. There are button tops and cabled tops, and tops with a design or stripes. There's a hooded coat, a short coat, a long coat and more. There really is an entire wardrobe that you can make for these gorgeous characters.

An entire wardrobe awaits

But the wardrobe doesn't just end at clothes. No, there are accessories as well. Anything that you see in the photographs of the animals has a pattern to go with it.

Accessories are included in the list of patterns

Now all of this might seem overwhelming, but do  not be alarmed, because the patterns are well written with clear instructions so that even a beginner could take on the creation of a treasured friend for a little treasure.

Instructions are clear and concise

This book is a gift that allows you to keep on giving. A rabbit with an outfit for a birthday, and a new outfit for Christmas. I don't know about you, but I loved dressing up my toys when I was young. I even sewed together a waistcoat out of fabric scraps for my favourite teddy. I'm looking forward to getting my hooks into some more of these patterns so that I can share the joy with my children too.

Clear Instructions: 5*
Layout: 5*
Variety: 5*
Attention to detail: 5*

Worth purchasing? Goodness, YES!

Happy Hooking

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